Cyclocross Race!!

Robidoux Roundup CX is now in its THIRD year and SAME AWESOME VENUE AS LAST YEAR!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Here are some pics of the park to wet your whistle!

Cool tree lined section on the long course extension
Can't have you drive to Joetown without climbing some hills! (Entrance to the long course extension)
Cat 3, SS, M 1/2 & W Cat 1/2/3
Main Course
Main Course
Main Course
1st real run up!!! If you can get to the top on your bike your a better rider than I am!!
Second ride/run up. You can make it to the entrance fairly easily if you don't care about your rims (I do),
Most likely you will have to get off your bike on the other side though. Also note to watch your melon on the other side,
It narrows towards the last set of stairs you see. 

See you Sunday!!!!

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