Cyclocross Race!!

Robidoux Roundup CX is now in its THIRD year and SAME AWESOME VENUE AS LAST YEAR!!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Robidoux Roundup CX in the Books!

Wow what a race!! I think we can all safely say that the 1st annual Robidoux Roundup CX was a success!!

Not without its problems like the school was supposed to be open for registration and indoor bathrooms, but you do the best with the cards your dealt. 

The course was the main attraction as we aimed to please. Or, well, aimed to make a course that we all want to race, and we are all MTB guys at heart, so there you go. We did hear time and time again how great the course was, so it's nice to be validated. 

Thank you for all the racers who came up and took part!!

Huge THANK YOU to all that made this race possible: Travis and Mike with Horizon Cycling, Randy Tracy and Brad Rylie, My wife Sally (not only for putting up with my obsession) and Jennifer Williams for helping with registration, Kevin and Sandy for hooking us up with their generator to run our computers for registration (got us out of a huge bind!). Ed and Juston with the City volunteering their time for podium and start line (not to mention the stakes to put up the course tape). Craig and Blake Hoppe, Chris and Darrel with Team Horizon Cycling for helping as well! If I forgot anyone I deeply apologize. 

Thank you to Roger Harrison for coming out and doing his thing!! I know all the participants including myself hit refresh every 20 min on FB to see when he has uploaded his pics..

All of these people volunteered their time and money free of charge for all of us to put on this great race!

Also, thanks to all the KCA folks for helping me out!! I had no idea what I was getting myself into!!

Look forward for next year already, took some good lessons away from the race to improve every year. If you skipped it this year, you missed out man!

We even got some local news lovin at the race!! Check it out!!

St. Joseph News-Press Now & KQ2 TV has one as well, but can't find a link. 

You can go to #robidouxroundupcx on FB, Twitter and Instagram and get podium pics. 

Men's Open Podium!

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Course has its bridge built, mowed and ready. After riding several laps out there I think starting the Cat 3's behind the Cat 1,2's would create a lapped traffic problem so I have separated the races.

Here is the updated flyer.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Race Course Sneak Preview!

This weekend Randy, Brad, Travis, Mike and myself headed out and got the race course ready (minus the finishing touches on the main bridge). Mark my words, this is going to be one of the best courses of the year!!

Its going to have a bit of everything, minus pavement. This is a true challenging cross course, there will be climbs, there will be dismounts, fast sections and turns. It will take place in two separate fields joined together by singletrack. Yes, dirty, flowy singletrack (don't worry, I have carbon wheels too, there will be zero rocks on the singletrack).

Here are a couple picks from the weekend to give you a taste.

Field 1 from bottom
Field 1 from top
Field 2
1st entrance to singletrack. If you can handle your bike and you get here first, your going to have a good race. 
Singletrack is going to flow nice and fast.

Originally there was not a good route that separates the singletrack between the two fields. So what do you do??? Make one!

Cleared and bringing telephone poles to build bridge                                                                                                      

All we need are planks, rails and some sticky tape! Boom! Its going to be a pretty good climb from here, but rideable.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Save the Date!!! October 12, 2014!!! ~ St. Joseph's first cyclocross race

A cancellation in the race calender opened up an opportunity that we jumped on. October 12th will be the inaugural Robidoux Roundup CX Race!!

Since we have never put on a cross race, details will come soon. I promise. We do know that the course will be laid out on the two fields that are behind Corby South MTB trails.  We will post when its all mowed and fun.

We hope your training already, if not your behind. Cross is around the corner!!!