Cyclocross Race!!

Robidoux Roundup CX is now in its THIRD year and SAME AWESOME VENUE AS LAST YEAR!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Results & Pictures

Sorry this has taken me so long to post. This year really kicked me in the rear! But all worth it, we created a course that I think was a hit!

I am sure most of you have found results etc. but here is a list just in case.


Podium Pics on Facebook (Also some picks from Jennifer Williams)

Roger Harrison Pictures

Randy Braley Pictures

Some write ups etc...

Big D

KCOI U-23 Team

Huge thank you to all that helped make this possible. Special thanks to my wife who puts up with my obsession with bike racing and came out to volunteer and watch our boy simultaneously. Darrel and Jennifer Williams who showed up before the sun came up and stayed until the tape was torn down. Randy and his crew, Juston and Dave. Ed Schilling always hooks us up with more supplies and time year after year. Colton for coming out of the woodwork and helping tape before his Cat 4/5 race. As always Horizon Cycling.

Also wanted to give some credit to Dale Nichols from IA. Never met him until Sunday. He drove down from northern IA to race and also was the first guy to show up to help mark the course at zero dark 30 in morning! Seriously thank you Dale!

I honestly bit off more than I could chew with my course ambitions and needed all the help I could get. We literally finished taping and marking the course an hour before the first race started! So If I missed anyone I sincerely apologize and your help was truly appreciated. Its honestly pretty challenging juggling a race on top of family, work etc.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Here are some pics of the park to wet your whistle!

Cool tree lined section on the long course extension
Can't have you drive to Joetown without climbing some hills! (Entrance to the long course extension)
Cat 3, SS, M 1/2 & W Cat 1/2/3
Main Course
Main Course
Main Course
1st real run up!!! If you can get to the top on your bike your a better rider than I am!!
Second ride/run up. You can make it to the entrance fairly easily if you don't care about your rims (I do),
Most likely you will have to get off your bike on the other side though. Also note to watch your melon on the other side,
It narrows towards the last set of stairs you see. 

See you Sunday!!!!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Getting Close!!

Don't know about you but I am ready for some steady cross racing around these parts!!

A couple quick items to go over...

Parking: We should have plenty of parking for everyone. Lets try and fill up the main lot before we spill out to other parts of the park.

Tents: Just put them up close to the finish area by the playground (just a suggestion) or any other place you want actually.

Also, if you wish to volunteer with set up/ course marshal etc. Shoot me an email with your t-shirt size.

NOTE: There is not two separate courses. The main course or "short course" is 1.5 miles and will be utilized by all races. The addition of a section on the south end of the park is the "long course" and adds a couple hundred feet of elevation, off camber tuns and about another .75 miles. This section will be opened for the last races of the day: Cat 3, Singlespeed, Womans and Mens Open races.

So Masters racers have a decision to make. Either race Masters on the short course or jump into a category race.